Jabra Motion Office Headset Review

We Test and Review Jabra Motion Office Bluetooth Headset To See How It Performs As An All-In-One Headset Solution



The Jabra Motion Office is a complete cordless headset solution designed to be used with all of your devices. It can be used with your deskphone, mobile phone, tablet and your pc or laptop and includes a touch screen on the base.

First released in 2014, the Jabra Motion Office has been a mainstay for years, but how does it hold up today? And is it worth the £149.99 asking price?


The Jabra Motion Office is a cordless in-ear style Bluetooth headset and base station. The headset itself is fairly large and attaches around the back of your ear with the foldable microphone arm that extends forwards along the jawline.

Once attached the headset barely moves and makes for very comfortable wearing which is perfect for all-day-use and roaming around the office. However, while testing this headset I did struggle to put it on at times (perhaps a trade-off for the on-ear sturdiness). The earpiece doesn’t feel flimsy or cheaply made, but I did find myself taking extra care when attaching the headset for fear of being too heavy handed.

The base station for the Jabra Motion Office is relatively large, but not too heavy and does not take up a great deal of space. It appears sleek and professional on the office desk with the flexible touch screen looking very smart. The headset is designed for easy travelling with a small but protective carry pouch for the earpiece, but with only 8 hours of active talk time between charges it is probably best kept for shorter journeys.

Jabra Motion Office and Carry Case
Jabra Motion Office Base Station and Earpiece with Carry Case


The Jabra Motion Office is a cordless headset with touch screen base station that connects to your desk phone, mobile and tablet via Bluetooth 4.0, and your PC or laptop. The headset is an in-ear style with dual noise cancelling microphones, 8 hours of talk time and a maximum wireless range of up to 300ft. The Jabra Motion Office is optimised for use with softphones and includes one-touch call answering for Microsoft Teams.

The system also supports a hot desking, a feature that allows you to take any Motion headset and pair it with a new base simply by plugging it in and choosing yes on the touch screen base display. The headset and base support EHS cables (Electronic Hook Switch) as standard enabling remote call answering on desk phones too.


We found the Jabra Motion Office nice and easy to setup. We started with connecting the base station to the PC and the setup/device pairing was near instant. We were able to answer and make calls on Microsoft Teams, Skype and 3CX right away without having to actively choose our input/output devices for speech and audio.

Connecting to the desk phone and a mobile device was also straightforward and achieved with no major issues. Our chosen mobile took a short while to recognise the base station but that isn’t uncommon with connecting Bluetooth devices for the first time (we had no issues afterwards).

One of our favourite things about this system is how easy it is to navigate the touch screen menu. You can easily flick between devices and the menu and settings are clear and to the point.

Sound Quality

Overall the sound quality for the Jabra Motion Office was very good. We found that the headset was good for listening to music and Youtube videos, and generally performed better than a lot of budget stereo (double ear) headsets would; which says a lot.

The audio for calls was great on all devices, with no real issues hearing the person on the other end. The dual noise-cancelling microphones worked well to minimise background noise and ensured we were heard clearly, even in our busy office. Being able to control the volume by swiping up and down on the back of the headset was a nice touch too.

Motion Office Boxed

Final Verdict

The Jabra Motion Office is a high-quality headset that is easy to transport, fast to set-up and very reliable. Whilst the look is not subtle, the Motion Office is comfortable the functionality is exceptional for an older headset. At £149.99 the Jabra Motion Office sits at a competitive price point, but performs very well as an all-round headset with few downsides.

We can see the Jabra Motion Office appealing to professionals who spend a lot of time on the phone and need an all-in-one solution for multiple devices. Being able to connect to desk phones, mobiles and PCs with real ease makes this headset a very appealing option.

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