How to Get the Best Headset for Working From Home

Ask Yourself These Key Questions Before Buying a Headset for Working From Home.

Get The Best Headset For Working From Home

Getting the right headset is an important step towards keeping productive and professional when working from home. A good headset will help you stay connected, make your life easier and deliver great call quality for clients and colleagues.

You might be tempted to jump online and pick the first headset you see that fits, but by doing a little research you can save money and get a quality headset that will last for years to come.

Ask yourself the following questions before buying to get the best headset for working from home:

Man using a headset for working from home

Do You Need Corded or Cordless?

The first decision to make is whether you want a corded headset or a cordless headset. The best choice will depend largely on how you work at home.

Corded Headsets for Working from Home

Corded headsets are typically cheaper than cordless headsets and will work as soon as they are plugged into your device. Corded headsets are easy to set up and tend to be very reliable due to the physical connection. Wired headsets will also often feature in-line controls on the cable that enable you to easily answer/reject calls and adjust your volume settings.

Cordless Headsets for Working from Home

Cordless headsets give you the freedom to move around while you work. Step away from your desk without missing a beat and say goodbye to annoying tangled wires. Cordless headsets can connect to a variety of devices, including desk phones, PC, Mobile Phones & Tablets. Certain cordless headsets can also connect to more than one device at the same time so you can change between using your mobile and your desktop at the push of a button.

Poly (Plantronics) Voyager Cordless Headsets (Featured above) are perfect for remote and home work.

What Device Are You Using To Make Calls?

The device you’re using to make calls plays a big part in the type of headset you will need to buy. Not every headset will work with every device… Some headsets are made for use with desk phones, some for PCs & Laptops, some for mobiles and some for a combination of devices.

The compatibility of each headset will be clearly stated on the product, but it’s important to check before you buy. Try to think about what you need right now now, as well as considering future requirements. If you are using a laptop at home but are due back in the office where you use a desk phone, it is probably worth investing in a headset that can connect to both.

Do You Need Noise-Cancelling?

Working from home can be great for productivity, but it can also result in a lot of unwanted background noise that can prove distracting during calls.

Most modern headsets come with some form of noise-cancelling built-in, but the standards will vary significantly between models and price points. Generally speaking, the more you spend, the better quality noise-cancelling you can expect. 

If you work in an especially noisy environment you will be better off investing in a higher-quality headset that specializes in noise-cancelling. Premium headsets are often designed with a noise-cancelling microphone (that benefits the person you are calling) and passive noise-cancellation in the ear pads/cushions (to help you focus on your call). A great example of this can be seen with the new Jabra Evolve2 range.

Do You Need a Softphone Optimised Headset?

These days many headsets are designed to be optimised for use with softphones like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and 3CX. If you need a headset for working from home and use a PC or Laptop you would probably benefit from an optimised headset.

The two most common variants you will see are UC Certified headsets (Unified Communications) or MS Certified headsets (Microsoft).

Physically MS and UC Headsets are practically identical. The difference is that the models are optimised for different things. UC headsets are optimised for use with a variety of different softphones whereas MS Headsets are optimised specifically for use with Microsoft teams. A UC Headset will still work with teams, and visa-versa, but they will perform better with the recommended programs. The benefits of optimisation vary, but generally include plug-and-play connectivity, one-touch call controls via built in buttons and a minimum standard for audio quality.

We recommend that if you are using Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Skype for Business for your calls, go for a MS certified headset. If not, choose the UC version for the flexibility and increased reliability with Unified Communications.

New or Refurbished Headsets?

Did you know you can get high-quality refurbished versions of most headsets? Buying refurbished is a great way to get hold of branded headsets from the likes of Jabra, Sennheiser and Plantronics at a much lower price. You can often get premium refurbished headsets for the same cost as new budget-mid level headsets.

If a refurbished headset doesn’t take your fancy but you still want to save money, there are always plenty of budget headsets available in new condition. You can often get good quality budget headsets that provide all the functionality a casual user would need for under £30. If you only make calls occasionally and aren’t too bothered about listening to music or extensive noise-cancelling, then buying budget could be the best choice for you.

Headset Store Covid-19 cleaning process for Jabra Evolve 60 Mono Headset
Jabra Evolve 65 Mono headset being refurbished by Headset Store

Choosing The Right Headset

To get the best headset for homeworking it’s important to take the time to understand exactly what you need. Knowing what you need from a headset before you buy will help ensure you get the right product at the right price point for you.

So before you buy, ask yourself these key questions:

  1. Do you need a Corded or Cordless headset?
  2. What Device are you Connecting to?
  3. Do you need Noise-Cancelling?
  4. Do you need PC Compatibility & Softphone Optimization?
  5. Would you prefer a New or Refurbished product?

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